Hugh Ferriss - Temple


I wanted to do another exercise with chiaroscuro and so I designed another building that is inspired by one of the drawings of Hugh Ferriss.


Drawing by Hugh Ferriss

Drawing by Hugh Ferriss


At first I tried to manage the chiaroscuro the same way I did in the previous image: with square holes in a simple plane. This might work when the camera is at eye-level, but it does not look realistic from above because you get square-shaped light beams that are visible as such.

What I did here is a better method. Below you can find a tutorial.


Chiaroscuro temple tutorial


When most painters paint, or illustrators draw, they tend to move towards and away from their canvas or paper all the time. This is because you can more easily see the composition as a whole when it is visually smaller. I also tend to do this, but recently I had an epiphany. :-) What if in Sketchup I just make 3 different scenes with 3 different distances from the subject I am designing? This way you can switch between them constantly and you don’t have to move backwards from your screen all the time! Below you can find an image that shows this process and below that are some details of the final image.


Chiaroscuro Temple - Designing


Chiaroscuro Temple details 1


Chiaroscuro Temple details 2


Chiaroscuro Temple details 3