Beautiful Dystopia – Colour version

Beautiful Dystopia – Colour version

Project Nueba - Resultaat Kleur


This project is meant to be printed on a canvas that is at least 3 meters in width, so a small format like this won’t display it properly. I worked on it for a very long time, probably a couple of months. It’s also the first project I made in 3ds Max.

I rendered this illustration in a 90 mega-pixels resolution. That’s right: 90 million pixels. :-) For reference: if you have a standard high definition computer screen, this is almost 44 times bigger. Here are some details:


Project Nueba Detail 047


Project Nueba 10_2


Project Nueba Detail 043


Project Nueba Detail 016_2


Project Nueba Detail 26_2


Project Nueba Detail 45


Project Nueba Detail 42


Project Nueba Detail 13_2


Project Nueba Detail 39_2


Project Nueba Detail 18_2


All the modeling was done in Sketchup. All the UV unwrapping was done with 3ds Max and all the materials were done with Vray. For the buildings I used the Vray Blend Material. This allowed me to apply a different material to the windows and the walls although they are on the same diffuse map.


Project Nueba Material 1


Project Nueba Sketchup 007

Rock solid

Rock solid

realistic looking rocks towers


My first goal with this image was to create some realistic looking rocks, but it got a bit out of hand. :-) Below you can find a tutorial about how I made those rocks in 3ds Max. Click on the images to see a higher resolution version.


realistic looking rock detail


realistic rock buildings pattern


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


Realistic looking rocks tutorial

Tower in a dark landscape

Tower in a dark landscape

8-sided building on black rocks


I wanted to return to the thing I like the most doing: designing structures. Underneath you can see the Zdepth mask, the wirecolor pass and the original drawing I made. The main light in the scene is coming from somewhere opposite of the camera. This accentuates the rocks much better.


Isolation in the dark zdepth mask


Isolation in the dark wirecolor


Isolation in the dark sketchup


isolation in the dark detail