If you would want to be really alone with your thoughts for a moment, would it be possible?

You could strip yourself from all electronic devices and walk towards the middle of a forest, but still… Are you really alone or could some other hiker or forest ranger suddenly pop up? In our Western part of the world it seems to be very hard to be really alone.

I asked myself what the ideal “being alone” device could be. My answer to this question is this mirror sphere. You can sit on the inside of the the sphere and see outwards through the glass. People on the outside can only see their own reflection.


Can there be value in having a moment to be alone with your thoughts? Don’t we often retreat towards digital entertainment when we feel sad or down? Maybe it is good to let the sadness that is part of life just overwhelm you from time to time. Emotions are designed by evolution to let us take action. Maybe a moment like this can get you out of a unsatisfying status quo.


Beautiful Dystopia – White

Beautiful Dystopia – White

Project Nueba result white color


After doing the coloured version of project Nueba I decided to make a white version by blending different render passes. Click on the image above for a much more detailed view.


Project Nueba Detail 034


Project Nueba Detail 027


Project Nueba White Blending



Isolated Building 001


This is another exercise in designing a building from scratch and in placing it in a landscape.

I learned that for the creation of a realistic looking landscape it is very important to mix different kinds of terrain and colours.

For the lighting I first chose the height and direction of the sun with only the Vray Sun and the use of Vray RT for fast feedback. After that I added an HDRi with the source of the light pointed in the same direction as the sun. I also added a little bit of chiaroscuro by letting the sun shine through round holes in a plane above the scene.

Adding floors to the building was a good idea. It makes the building more believable and it adds a subtle layer of complexity.


Isolated Building 002


Isolated Building 005


Isolated Building 007


Isolated Building 008


Isolated Building 003