World Device

World Device

I took a photo of a geometric pattern on a wall of the Bou Inania Madrasa,
a religious school from the 14th century in the city of Meknes, Morocco.
It is a legacy of the Marinid Dynasty and a marvel of Islamic architecture.

I used this photo to create my own geometric pattern.
Once I got the two-dimensional pattern down I used this as a base to create a three-dimensional city.

I took what is already there and I made a hidden world visible.
The same way nature and our society are full of hidden patterns and it is impossible to see them all.

Max Tegmark, a renowned Swedish-American Professor in Physics and Cosmology at MIT,
wrote a book called “Our Mathematical Universe” in which he posits that reality is in fact a mathematical structure.

It is up for debate if this theory is true, but maybe I can reveal a
glimpse of the mathematical base structure behind our reality.

Below you can see the process in making “World Device”

This artwork is printed on very high quality German Etching paper from Hahnemühle.

The frame is a design of Pieter Léon Vermeersch and is considered to be a part of the artwork.

This artwork is for sale in 9 limited editions. For the moment 2 are already sold, 7 are still available.

With frame the artwork measures 160 x 100 cm.

Email me for availability at [email protected]

A Real Spectacle

A Real Spectacle

All kinds of changes are happening in our world today:
molecular nanotechnology is rapidly evolving, our climate is drifting
and artificial intelligence might take over the world.

Most people feel small and powerless facing all these big changes.
Do we have any influence or are we just spectators who sit and watch?

I created the concept of a sinking cruise ship as
a metaphor for our society as a whole.


This artwork is partially based on the work of Étienne-Louis Boullée,
the visionary French architect from the 18th century.

He designed a gigantic 150 meter tall monument to celebrate
the work of Isaac Newton, who 50 years after his death became
a symbol of Enlightenment ideas.

The monument has never been built, but it represented
the new wind of rationalism and science
that was blowing in society in the 18th Century.

The monument of Boullée is a mirror of the changes that were going on
in the 18th century. I was wondering how I could design a monument
that is a reflection of the changes in our time.

This artwork consists of a 11 individual framed artworks
which can exist independently.

View on my Solo Art Show at Aporia Gallery in Brussels.

Artworks are printed on very high quality German Etching paper (with 0% reflection) in limited editions. All prints come with a custom made frame and a certificate. Send me and email at [email protected] to check for availability.

Above: ‘A Real Spectacle – Side View’, under: ‘A Real Spectacle – Close-Up’

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Form Follows Fiction 1

Form Follows Fiction 1

What will the future look like?

Artificial intelligence is already capable of flawlessly imitating a human voice to make a phone call to a restaurant for a reservation. The people involved have no idea they are talking to a machine. The algorithms in use are self-learning and function as a structure that is similar to the structure of the human brain.

How will this trend of rapidly changing technology evolve?

In 30 years, computer games have evolved from a few moving white dots to life-real massive multi-player online games. What will games look like in another 30 years? Suppose a virtual or augmented reality can be projected directly onto our eyes and we can live a part of our day in a virtual world.

Will the virtual and the real world be distinguishable from one another? Will we even be humans any more?

This is what this work is about. The space and time in which these structures are placed is undefined. The surrounding platform can be seen as a meta-level. How many levels of reality could there be? Can you have a virtual world within a virtual world? Will there be a clear border between fact and fiction in our world? Maybe we will live in a world where form follows fiction.